Kanagawa birth in 1958
It gropes for the distance of construction and an environmental art in the
design office until 1988 the Tama University of Arts graduation 1982 later.
It becomes independent as a forming Artist in 1988 and a space designer
(representative [spazio works]).

Most important work goods

Monument of wind, Imabari City Kurhaus.(Ehime )
Fishery commemoration park monument, Urayasu City. (Chiba)


Monument of wind, Ooeyama Movement park.(Kyoto)
Monument of the water and clock objets, Nakasatsunai City.(Hokkaido)
Office front yard monument,Shibuya-ku(ARUKASAARA).(Tokyo)
Design & spatial design,Shibuya-ku(ARUKASAARA).(Tokyo)
Objet of light,Iwasaki Electric.


Marine park monument, Iwanai-cho.(Hokkaido)
Objet of courtyard,Shibuya Ward apartment house(Crescent court).(Tokyo)
Meguro Ward k mansion (house) design & spatial design.(Tokyo)
Objet of villa,Yathugatake City.(Nagano)
Odakyu line Kitami Station competition winning a prize.
Tokyo Dili art competition special prize.


Aoyama spiral market exhibition.(Tokyo)
The Aoyama public art gallery exhibition.(Tokyo)
Nagano Kenwood lounge relief.(Nagano)
Solo exhibition,Route gallery(Tokyo)The theme is an objet exhibition of the


Objet of lobby,The Gunma Bank computer center.(Gunma)
Chiba Prefecture Narita city [naritayama] shopping street approach to a
shrine spectacle plan.
Monument in courtyard,Chiba Prefecture Katsuura city office.
Artworks of Porsche showroom(Code9)
Objet of courtyard, T-House.(Saitama)
Monument of lighting,Hot spring of hot water of Kawauchi-cho Nogawa.(Aomori)


Monument in front yard, Mutsu city public hall.(Aomori)
Monument in hall, Tonan Social Education hall.(Iwate)
Monument of wind, Aburakawa citizens center.(Aomori)
Relief at Yabe local center on Totsuka Ward.(Kanagawa)
Solo exhibition,Dentsu AD gallery(Tokyo)The theme is an objet exhibition of
the shadow 2.


The most much competition victory work.
Monument & Objet JR around the station, Sagamihara City Kobuchi
Monument on front yard and pond,Nerima Ward Hikarigaoka J-CITY
Dentsu gallery special exhibition.(Tokyo)


Objet of sundial, Shihoro-cho training center.(Hokkaido)
Monument around the station, Ikeda-cho Ikeda Station.(Hokkaido)
Biennale selecting of wind.Prefectural Yamagata Tachikawa town.(Yamagata)


Monument in lobby, Mobara City new public office building.(Chiba)
It is Sumi of the flower or it is a grand prize objet excellent prize.
Solo exhibition,Living design gallery (Tokyo)The theme is a spirit, and
flower bowl objet.
Solo exhibition,Hikarigaoka J-CITY gallery (Tokyo)The theme is a spirit, and
flower bowl objet.
Exhibition of objet,NTT Kasugasaki building.(Tokyo)


Steel art exhibition exhibition,Nippon Steel Corporation Ohtemachi Bldg
Artworks of Porsche showroom(Code9).(Saitama)
Design of chimney (60m on the ground objet making), Ushiku City cleaning


Monument at Sumida Ward cleaning factory,Two sets.(Tokyo)
Objet of Tochigi ITO-PIA golf club.(Tochigi)
Movable objet,Shinjuku Ward west Waseda (kasaburo-te).(Tokyo)
Solo exhibition,American Club gallery (Tokyo)The theme「Awake and Be
Solo exhibition,Living design gallery (Tokyo)The theme「Creation and


Monument lighting of Nerima Ward Hikarigaoka Park.(Tokyo)
Solo exhibition,William Morris gallery (Tokyo)The theme「UTSUROI」
Design of grave(Kanagawa).
Integrated design of furniture,Aoyama CM production.(Tokyo)


Lobby open ceiling movability,Chofu municipal mentally deficient person
covering facilities.(Tokyo)
Art and spatial design,K-House.(Tokyo)
Two exhibition,Gallery  Cafe  An (Chiba)The theme「nouvel  an  exhibition」
Niigata (ha-zushop) "HUMAN PRODUCTS exhibition"
ANNEX SENGAWA FACTORY Art & Dance collaboration.(Tokyo)


Integrated production opening one-man show,Kawasaki City attendance on old
people facilities.(Kanagawa)
Talk lecture,The theme is an universal design (Niigata)
Relief of wall,Photo Studio Kei (Kawasaki)
Solo exhibition,Suzuki gallery(Tokyo)The thema 「KEI」
Group exhibition,Living design gallery(Tokyo)The theme「Chair collection」
Material prize & recycling prize,The eco-one-making competition.
Eco-products 2001,"Design garden 2 of memory" Participation.
GALERIE LE DECO MASK DRESS exhibition participation.(Tokyo)


Bamboo laminate lumber furniture "33 BOX" series announcement,Ozone (Tokyo)
ORIE Gallery "Art exhibition of residence" participation (Tokyo)
Universal boel announcement,International assistive technology exhibition
exhibition (Tokyo)
Cutlery series announcement,Hotel restaurant show exhibition (Tokyo)
KIRIKO Modern Creative Exhibition TOYOTA Home Tokyo salon.(Tokyo)


Two exhibition,Chimenkanoya Gallery  (Tokyo)The theme「Yellow×blue」
New work of Omotesando NESUPASU GALLERY Wing Nail Nipper
New work of Omotesando NESUPASU GALLERY Charm of paulownia.(Tokyo)
Objet of lobby,TOYOTA Home Tokyo Tachikawa.(Tokyo)
Objet of entrance,Apartment house OAK・HILLS in front of the Kashiwa


Spatial design × art plan,Meguro Bow-HOUSE (Tokyo)
Objet of lobby,TOYOTA Home Tokyo Sturugashima. (Tokyo)
"Memory of Time" Announcement,Roppongi AXIS SPIRAL SHOP (Tokyo)
Solo exhibition,Gallery Paris(Yokohama)The theme「IKERU-Live」
Objet of entrance, Garden hills TAKANODAI (Saitama).


Wing Nail Nipper exhibition,Frankfurt Ambiente (Germany).
Solo exhibition,A flower shop gallery (Tokyo)The theme「IKERU-Live」.
IRORI & HOOK,Objet of fire of entrance,Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. pavilion
Solo exhibition, gallery GOHO (Tokyo)The theme「IKERU-Live & COLLECTION」.
Entrance wall relief & indoor wall relief,Shin-yokohama R building


Made German Soccer Trophy.
The victory trophies presented at the Emperor Cup all-Japan soccer
Geman×Soccer×Art exhibition. gallery ES. Goethe-Institut Official
Solo exhibition. gallery ES 「German Trophy & Installation」 Goethe-Institut
Official Events.(Tokyo)
Azi's stone monuments (Kagawa)

Japan Brand exhibition.Ozne (Tokyo)
Valentine Gift exhibition.Odakyu Department (Tokyo)
Solo exhibition.Gallery Paris(Yokohama)The theme「Melt-Time」
Light objects. ICFF (NY)
New Producuts Copper Teapot. ISETAN Department Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Monument around the Fujimino station,Highest award competition victry.
Group exhibition,time A gallery(Tokyo)The theme「CLOCK」


Objet of lounge, The Center Tokyo. Condominium (Tokyo)
Objet of entrance, O-House (Tokyo)
Hook hearth of lounge, H-House (Tokyo)
Gate & Objet of entrance, O-House (Tokyo)
Monument & Clock Tower around the Fujimino station (Saitama)
WAZA2008 exhibition, Tobu Department Ikebukuro (Tokyo)
INABA Brand exhibition.Ozne (Tokyo).The theme is a SHIKIRI
AOYAMA I-STYLERS exhibition, Lacquer products (Tokyo)
Lacquer products,Ebisu Mitsukoshi Department (Tokyo)
New Lacquer products & Talk Shows,Ozne (Tokyo)
Interiorlifestyle exhibition, Art & Products (Tokyo)
International Gift Show,New Lacquer products  (Tokyo)
DESIGNTIDE TOKYO,Lacquer products & Talk Shows, ISETAN Department (Tokyo)
Interiorlifestyle exhibition, Art of VIP Room (Tokyo)
AREA Tokyo exhibition,New Producuts Metalsense  (Tokyo)
Kasane HACO, Special Jury Award  (Tokyo)
Atomizer,Japan Package Design Award winners.

New Art exhibition, Ebisu Mitsukoshi Department (Tokyo)
Art & Jewelry exhibition,The cover nippon (Tokyo)
International Gift Show,New Producuts Memory brush for baby's birth  (Tokyo)
NIPPON MONO ICHI exhibition,Ozne (Tokyo)
Lacquer products exhibition,Ozne (Tokyo)
New Product & Collection exhibition, Ebisu Mitsukoshi Department (Tokyo)

Objet of lounge & Private room, Akakura Kanko Hotel (Niigata)
Objet of entrance,Tokyo Park HOMES TOYOCHO. Condominium (Tokyo)

Tokyo International Gift Show Spring, New Products Memory brush for baby's birth  (Tokyo) 
Tokyo International Gift Show Spring, Tradition & Moden JAPAN Brand, New Products "EMAKI"  (Tokyo) 
NARUTESU exhibition,The cover nippon. (Tokyo) 
ArtRelief-works of Porsche showroom.(Code9).(Saitama)
Galerie DEN Art Group exhibition. (German Berlin )
JAPAN Art Group exhibition. (German Cologne )
gallery Group exhibition. (German Frankfurt ) 
Rin exhibition, Hisakazu Suzuki Design × Maker's Product.  (Tokyo) 
KAWASAKI DESIGN Gift Design.Kawasaki authorization products. ( Kanagawa )
TOSO Blind System Design.Patent acquisition & G-Mark. (Tokyo)

Tokyo International Gift Show Spring, KAWASAKI Booth Design.  (Tokyo) 
Galerie DEN Art Group exhibition. (German Berlin )
Art Basel B-Specially gallery Group exhibition. (Switzerland Basel )
Tokyo Design Market "Geiger Counter Jewelry Design" (Tokyo) 
Tokyo Desigers Week 「ecomono works」 (Tokyo) 
Tokyo Desigers Week 「ARIGATO PROJECT」exhibition, (Tokyo) 
Buddhist instruments New Products Design.(Tokyo) 
New Jewelry.Tokyo Design Center Design Books. (Tokyo) 
nyunyu& nanomo exhibition,The cover nippon. (Tokyo)
Metal Sense Design. gift  from Mayor Kawasaki to the Shanghai mayor. ( Kanagawa )
Shikouki Design. gift to the Bhutan king Emperor and Empress. ( Fukui )

New York Fountain Art Fair  Galerie DEN Art. ( New York )
Tokyo International Gift Show Spring, KAWASAKI Gift Design.  (Tokyo) 
International jewelry exhibition, folfel Jewelry.  (Tokyo) 
New Buddhist altar Design. (Tokyo) 
New Buddhist instruments Design. (Tokyo) 
Monument of a courtyard. Jinai Woman high school. (Fukui )
iLAC Trademark Design. (Tokyo) 
New Incense "SuisyaRyokuKa" New Products Design. ( Ibaragi ) 
ArtRelief-works of Porsche showroom.(Code9).(Saitama)
Rathenow art center Group exhibition. (German )
Leipzig  Group exhibition. (German )
Miami Fountain Art Fair  Group exhibition. ( United States )

Tokyo International Gift Show Spring, KAWASAKI Gift Design.  (Tokyo) 
Entrance Holl Objet. Park Homes TANASHI.  (Tokyo) 
Brandenburg Group exhibition. (German )
New York Fountain Art Fair ( New York )
New York ICFF 「Metal Sense Brand」 ( New York )